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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush knocked it out of the ballpark

In reaction to President George W. Bush's State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, newly elected Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine said, "There is a better way" to govern and lead the United States.

Now, I cannot keep track of all the Democrats' "rebuttals" whenever the President speaks, but to me, Kaine's statements gets me thinking. Democrats are defeatists, and Kaine's statement certainly reflects that. Saying that "there is a better way" to govern insinuates that Kaine is giving some credit to the Bush administration's agenda for our country. He may not realize that, but it certainly comes off that way. This shows how the Democrats really cannot win. "There's a better way." Kind of a cop out answer if you ask me. Using convoluted, ambigious statements about the power of government to do good and national collectivism, he really just restated the liberal ideology that so many Americans resent, but just don't always realize it.

Kaine makes further (misguided) statements about the condition of our economy, the situation in Iraq, etc. in the Fox News report on the Democrats' rebuttal to the President, but his generic and hollow response shows that Bush's address did its job: it left Democrats dumbfounded. So what is this "better way"? Rep. Murtha already suggested that the U.S. pulls out its troops immediately, and that wasn't too popular. We could try to find alternative sources of energy to power our homes and businesses, but, oh wait, Bush already suggested that. The Democrats, since Bush took office, has said in a zillion different ways that there is a "better way," but never gives a better solution, or even a solution at that. Their self-defeating approach to counter the Republicans and the President by asserting an opinion with nothing to back it up is another good reason to call them "Defeatocrats."

President Bush was firm and resolute in his speech, employing factual information and invoking his principles. He made proposals difficult for Democrats to resist especially on his energy policy. He was very bi-partisan, appropriate, and succinct. Though he has had other speeches more stimulating and motivating, the steady structure, tone, and delivery of his speech resonates with his steadfast and principled leadership.

On a lighter note, who else thought it was awesome he made a jab at Hillary? Her expression: priceless.


  • At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How many innocents have been killed in this ineffective war? Is it a just or "unjust" war?

    "Thou shalt not kill"
    "Thou shalt not kill"
    "Thou shalt not kill"

    Of course, you don't have to follow all the commandments if you don't like. Just take care in representing yourself as a Catholic. :)

  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger Ego said…

    I think the way a Catholic would read the 10 Commandments includes the context behind what motivates a killing. And the previous anonymous poster did just that. However, the word "kill" in the commandment is also known to be as "murder." Murder is always synonymous to kill, but kill is not necessarily always synonymous to murder.

    But really, the debate now is not about the commandment, or is it? By charging the war as "ineffective," which is not fact but subjective opinion, the debate now is about whether the war is just, unjust, ineffective, helpful, etc. That is for a different time...stay tuned.


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