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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Justin Phillips is right

I've been reading through for awhile now and I find that I have a lot of the same ideals and positions as one of the newest members, Justin Phillips. Recently, the other new addition, Allison Herre, posted about the Stations of the Cross that suddenly emerged on campus. In a comment, Justin said that,
But in this case, these stations, being as progressive as they are, don't even look like the Classic depiction of stations, considering they don't even have a picture of Jesus.

Case in point: in Lalumiere Language Hall, the eighth Station is a mirror hung on one of the bulky wooden crosses. For a Station about Jesus meeting the women of Jerusalem, what purpose does a mirror hold?

These Stations, though not completely offensive, do infringe upon students' rights to freedom of thought. They are so apparent as you walk through campus that even the most absent-minded student can't help but think on them. If the university were to open a forum where symbolic meaning of the Stations could be discussed, then that would allow students to choose whether or not they want to reflect on the Stations of the Cross, which, in my semi-libertarian mind, would be a better option.


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