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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentine's Day: MU men we love and why

In the spirit of St. Valentine's Day (which really is a saint's day that the card and candy industries play up a little too much), I have borrowed National Review Online's idea and compiled my own list of men I hold in the highest regard and the reasons they have gained my admiration.

  • John McAdams--He is the embodiment of conservativism and the university is scared of him. He wields so much sway over the conservatives on campus that were the university to cross him, there would be some major backlash. Possessing this sort of power and influence could be daunting; however, Prof. McAdams shows a wonderful fortitude in his leadership.
  • Christopher Wolfe--A family man, Dr. Wolfe holds seminars on love and relationships with his wife roughly six Fridays a semester. The sessions, which are free and open to any student, focus on the Church's teachings pertaining to Christ-like relationships in a modern context.

  • Daniel Suhr--He is by far the most intelligent writer on and very well versed in Wisconsin politics. For many out-of-state students at Marquette, Mr. Suhr serves a wonderful purpose of informing and editorializing on Wisconsin state politics. And, though I enjoy all contributors to gop3, Mr. Suhr is my personal favorite.
  • Charles Rickert, Scott Genz, and Daniel Maciejewski--All of these boys provide a great sports read on the Warrior sports blog. Seeing that the Warrior beat out the Tribune in making a sports blog, these boys deserve a sound pat on the back for their ingenuity.
  • Jeffrey (from MULS Federalistas)--Just because of this quote: "The Democrats are utterly irrelevant. Never vote for them."

    For all their various reasons and more, I love and admire all these unfailing men of Marquette. Keep up the good work, men.

    • At 8:57 PM, Blogger Ego said…

      I think you need to add on Professor Breeden. He is an ardent defender of free markets and have always been friendly to the conservative students on campus.

    • At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Soooooooooooo predictable. Get some originality.

    • At 5:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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