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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Status of The Warrior

Last issue people speculated that The Warrior was loosing readership. I think, nay, I know they are wrong. The Warrior has inceased in output and, despite some minor inconsistencies, it is stronger than ever. Nice work with the color, guys. Major props for that.

Content this issue seems to have increased as well. Although the Valentine's Day ad is rather tacky, The Warrior definitely has fewer ads than that other campus paper. Why this may be I am not sure; I guess you need to be on staff for one of the papers to know.

I am rather confused by the beer articles they've been running. Alcohol seems a tad off-color for a conservative paper, but this is a college campus, so I shouldn't be so surprised, should I?

One last note (and I'm sure my compatriots, Ego and Super Ego, will have some notes as well), I thoroughly enjoy the fact that The Warrior has a techie column. Not only does that other campus paper lack anything substantial in the area of technology, but The Warrior's tech columnist really explains the ins and outs of computers in a way that computer illiterates (such as myself) can understand.

So, thank you Warriors for another great issue, and keep up the good work.


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