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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Conservative views are "very interesting," according to Marquette Libune & other Thursday Trib musings

First, a front page promo praise piece for Democratic Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett:
Critics have generally praised the mayor's lofty goals for the city
...but then no "critics" are quoted
According to Louis Fortis, publisher of the Shepherd Express and former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, Barrett has had a positive impact on the city.
hmm... I wonder which way, politically, the Shepherd Express leans...
Crime in the city is another concern of Barrett's.
I certainly hope so!

This story is random. Barrett didn't give a speech recently (and the story doesn't say he did) and it's three months after his state of the city speech (when it would have been appropriate to cite city goals and achievements/failures... "failures," may be wishful thinking for the Tribune).

Then, the Tribune/Libune informs the public that conservativism is "interesting" in
what should be an event promotional for Jonah Goldberg's appearance on campus tonight:
"Not only does (Goldberg) bring knowledge that's imperative to this generation, he's a very young, conservative journalist...
and three paragraphs later:
Goldberg's political views are very interesting, Radich said.

So Jonah Goldberg of National Review gets billed as a "conservative journalist" with "interesting perspectives" but New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald is reported as speaking objectively.


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